Evan Desjardins

Warframe – Angels of the Zariman

In collaboration with the fine people at Syndicate Creative, I did a bunch of voice editing for this upcoming expansion to the Warframe game world.

Since the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic, the voice acting world has gone all-in on remote contribution. The role of the recording studio is in flux. Especially when it comes to non-union projects, performers are more likely than ever to be working from a home studio, patched in over IP to a remote recordist and receiving feedback from a director in yet another remote location. As a consequence, the audio team must marry voice assets recorded in a multitude of environments with inconsistent acoustics and recording equipment. The editing and mixing of the voice recordings is more challenging than the traditional workflow, where the talent would all convene at the studio to record in person. We turned around meticulous work on a tight deadline and and I’m quite happy to see the results here.


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