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Demo of Audio Log File Generator

An update to my previous post on using Python to batch analyze audio files.

I’ve added a featured that checks for the presence of ‘audiobook.xml’ in the parent to the current working directory. If found, the script parses out the book author, title and ISBN for inclusion in a document header.

I’m happy with the output and formatting of the document. If you print as PDF using the macOS print dialog you get a very handsome PDF. Still, I’d prefer to skip the step of having to open the document in Excel to render a PDF. Could I automate that step as well? Or is it preferable to output an HTML/CSS document?

Another consideration: multi-threading. This is getting way out of my league but the time it takes to analyze a program many hours long like an audiobook can start to add up. If I could analyze the files in parallel then processing time would be drastically reduced.

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