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Demo of Audio Log File Generator

An update to my previous post on using Python to batch analyze audio files.

I’ve added a featured that checks for the presence of ‘audiobook.xml’ in the parent to the current working directory. If found, the script parses out the book author, title and ISBN for inclusion in a document header.

I’m happy with the output and formatting of the document. If you print as PDF using the macOS print dialog you get a … Read the rest “Demo of Audio Log File Generator”

Quieting the Lexicon 960L

Lexicon 960L overview
Lexicon 960L with LARC2 remote control.

The producer I was engineering for brought with him his Lexicon 960L reverb unit. What do you call this? Vintage digital? Modern Classic? It’s a a beast regardless, in the quality of its effects but also in its imposing 4u footprint and the ambient noise it spits out. The internal fans and especially the hard disk drive are very loud and without the luxury of a separate machine room … Read the rest “Quieting the Lexicon 960L”

Neve Genesys & ipMIDI

At work we use an AMS Neve Genesys Console which is pretty great in a lot of ways. All of the internal routing, panning and channel EQ is totally recallable. Internally, the board is controlled by a PC running a custom Windows 7 front-end/wrapper.

The Genesys can also behave as a HUI control surface for Pro Tools but rather than interfacing with a slew of MIDI cables a Cat5e or Cat6 network cable connects the … Read the rest “Neve Genesys & ipMIDI”