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Better Video Game Voice Editing: Tools I Use

This will be first in a series of articles intended to describe an approach to video game voice edits. This summer a colleague and I needed to exchange knowledge about our respective processes so that we could cover one another during holidays—he being the one doing the bulk of the recording and me the primary editor. This prompted me to take a closer look at my habits and routines so that our work could remain … Read the rest “Better Video Game Voice Editing: Tools I Use”

New Release: Warframe: The Duviri Paradox

Release day is here so I can announce my involvement in this major overhaul of the highly successful Warframe game world by Canadian game studio Digital Extremes. Working with the fine folks at Syndicate Creative, I’ve been editing voice assets for the better part of a year. Performers, directors, writers and producers joined us in studio and patched in from across Europe and North America. We became a central hub, virtually and IRLRead the rest “New Release: Warframe: The Duviri Paradox”

Warframe – Angels of the Zariman

In collaboration with the fine people at Syndicate Creative, I did a bunch of voice editing for this upcoming expansion to the Warframe game world.

Since the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic, the voice acting world has gone all-in on remote contribution. The role of the recording studio is in flux. Especially when it comes to non-union projects, performers are more likely than ever to be working from a home studio, patched in over … Read the rest “Warframe – Angels of the Zariman”