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Demo of Audio Log File Generator

An update to my previous post on using Python to batch analyze audio files.

I’ve added a featured that checks for the presence of ‘audiobook.xml’ in the parent to the current working directory. If found, the script parses out the book author, title and ISBN for inclusion in a document header.

I’m happy with the output and formatting of the document. If you print as PDF using the macOS print dialog you get a … Read the rest “Demo of Audio Log File Generator”

Doing Things the Easy Way (…the hard way) (Analyzing WAV files using Python, Power Menu and AppleScript)


I’m really bad at programming but I won’t let that stop me. Today’s half-baked script is a “shortcut” for generating an Audio File Log, a data read-out requested by an audiobook client. It’s meant to accompany deliverables and tally up running times for billing. I made a game with QBASIC in high school so how hard can this be? I know just enough Python and shell commands to get myself into … Read the rest “Doing Things the Easy Way (…the hard way) (Analyzing WAV files using Python, Power Menu and AppleScript)”

Quieting the Lexicon 960L

Lexicon 960L overview
Lexicon 960L with LARC2 remote control.

The producer I was engineering for brought with him his Lexicon 960L reverb unit. What do you call this? Vintage digital? Modern Classic? It’s a a beast regardless, in the quality of its effects but also in its imposing 4u footprint and the ambient noise it spits out. The internal fans and especially the hard disk drive are very loud and without the luxury of a separate machine room … Read the rest “Quieting the Lexicon 960L”

Active DI

I put together this active DI recently based on a design published by retired Swedish sound engineer Bo Hansén. The result is a device that sounds better than commercial products that cost significantly more than the price of parts.

3D Printed Radio Knobs

A few select Toronto Public Library branches feature ‘Digital Innovation Hubs’ which are equipped with some interesting technology, including Makerbot Replicator 3D printers available for public use. When these machines debuted at the Toronto Reference Library in 2014, I booked myself into the first orientation class I could. (TPL requires anyone interested in using the machines to attend a free clinic to get familiar with the technology.) It took me a while but I finally … Read the rest “3D Printed Radio Knobs”

Gyraf G9

This was my first big project with the training wheels off, meaning no comprehensive build guides, no parts kits, no official support. This was also my first foray into vacuum tubes and high voltages so I made the decision to move slowly and work methodically. The result was a pair of transparent and flexible vacuum tube preamps that worked nearly perfectly the first time I powered them on (nervously, fire extinguisher in hand).

How does … Read the rest “Gyraf G9”