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New Album Release: Hush About the City – ‘On Making Friends’

I’m so glad to see this album released. Dan Kelsey (Hush About the City) wrote and home-recorded nearly everything from his place in Winnipeg and sent me the tunes to mix late last summer. I helped him realize his vision by reworking some drum and synth sounds, recording a few new instrument parts here and there, editing the many layered vocals and finally mixing and mastering the record for digital release. The only song I didn’t work on is track #1, Good Winter.

For me, the album name is apt. I enjoy the problem-solving, musicianship and technical challenges of putting together pop tunes. But I’m reminded that when things click with an artist, the best part of the process is in getting to know the client and building a rapport. Singles and short EPs are the new norm but getting to collaborate on a grander body of work is an opportunity to connect more meaningfully. I get the most satisfaction from intuiting my clients’ sonic direction and collaborating with them to produce good work.

I very sincerely want this album to succeed by, whatever metric the artist will gauge success. But nothing beats getting a message like this after delivering the final mixes:


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