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‘Melanin’ by Naranie Tam with Kobena Aquaa-Harrison

I had the pleasure of recording, mixing and mastering this single by Nigerian singer Naranie Tam. She and multi-instrumentalist Kobena Aquaa-Harrison joined me at Blue Sound in Toronto in 2019 and recorded a couple improvised pieces including this one which we later developed, mixed and mastered together.

You can read more about the artist and the music in this lovely writeup on YAWA: https://yawamag.com/melanin-a-welcome-home/

From the article:

My Favorite thing about Melanin is how Naranie’s Voice reassures the listener to relax and give way to her, Mother Africa – the intercessor, to intercede on your behalf. It is in the way she echoes “GLOW!” almost as an order or an incantation during a hymn procession. Naranie’s deep gritting soul is manifested through her strong and compelling vocals, which is the reason we are inclined to listen, understand and trust her. I think that’s the reason we enjoy music, as much as we go to it for safety, we also go for revival, a start over and as a reminder of self. Melanin is not just a soothing song but a manifesto on how to love, especially in the presence of those who fated your life’s journey. It is a welcome home.

Christina Ifubaraboye


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